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A Battle Tested Pathway To Success & Freedom

Build & Scale Your Personal Brand To Highly Profitable Levels

Learn through step-by-step 1:1 mentoring, scripts and plug&play strategies how to build & scale your personal brand and online business, allowing you to live freely, completely on your own terms and in a sustainable fashion.

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The biggest lesson I can give you on your way

Hey my friends!

Let me introduce myself really quickly:

My name’s Dominik, I’m a 27 year old online entrepreneur and over the past 2 years I’ve started and scaled my online business from literally 0 to multiple 6 figures per year – all of which ultimately comes back to my personal brand.

Something, nobody can take away from me anymore, simply cause it’s attached to myself. It’s who I am. And that’s an asset so valuable you cannot put a price tag on it.

But here’s where most people fall into a trap:

Most people who think of personal brands think about those huge names out there. Elon Musk, Gary Vee, or Kim Kardashian. 

They fall into a trap thinking that if you want generate serious income through your personal brand, you need to be huge player in the industry.

This is the biggest lie that’s ever been told in mankind. Or at least the second biggest, next to: “You can’t make money on the internet”.

What it really comes down to is how and which systems you put into practice, and I’m the best example for that myself. I’m not huge, I’m not even big in today’s standards, yet I’ve managed to generate $10k per month with just 4,000 Subscribers on YouTube.

And knowing what I know today – I’ve definitely missed out on a lot of sweet revenue in my beginning stages.

Or another example:

Roland, the co founder of my marketing agency, who was able to close a deal for $10k, through his YouTube channel – with, at the time just 150 subscribers! 

All through the power of his personal brand, positioning himself the right way and turning the right knobs and switches.

If you want to achieve the same in the shortest time possible, whether you’re just thinking of starting out and don’t know where to begin, whether you already have somewhat of a personal brand and nobody seems interested in you and your offers, or whether you want to scale your existing brand to the next level –

I’ve got something for you.

I will PERSONALLY help you build, scale and monetize your Personal Brand

Mentoring you step-by-step through the journey.

No bull**** video courses that don’t work and leave you hanging with the important details. This is the real deal to getting real results.

Here’s the details

6 Months+

We’ll create an 6 month action plan using the principles and systems I used on my own journey – all tailor made to your own situation.


Just follow my battle-tested pathway to take your brand to the next level, setting yourself up for long-term success.


You don’t need any pre knowledge in Social Media Marketing, Funnels, or Personal Branding. Simply use my proven assets that work.

Build Your Audience

You don’t need to have a HUGE audience to get results. In fact, you can also start at 0, just like me.

Get Consistent clients

Master the art of Facebook & YouTube Ads to massively scale and fuel your brand even further.

vip support

Got any questions or roadblocks outside of our sessions? Together with my team we’ll help you asap.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you already have an established personal brand/online business:

We’ll detect your status quo, pinpoint opportunities and set you up with a proven step-by-step roadmap for success. All you need to do is to execute.


This mentorship program is going to be intense. If you were hoping for an “easy way out”, I’ve got to disappoint you (even though this program is the closest thing to having such thing as we’ve done the heavy lifting for you already).

This whole thing still requires a huge amount of dedication, hard work and discipline, and frankly, it’s just not for every one out there. Some people are just not meant for that route and since it’s a 1:1 mentoring program, we both need to be a good fit for each other.

Since I want YOU to get absolutely amazing results from this mentorship program and since we’re going to expect a huge demand you’re going to have to apply for it.


 An open mind to learn.

Thinking outside the box: You’re not afraid to go against the stream and are willing to do exactly what we say.

Work ethic to push through the challenges.

 Time and energy to work on yourself & your brand in the next weeks.


 Beginners & Advances: Whether you already have an audience and running business and want to scale, or you’re just starting out – we’ll pick you up where you’re at.

Become your own boss: We’ll guide you step-by-step on your journey to becoming your own boss.

Set your personal brand up for long term success.

How Can You Apply?


Fill Out The Application Form

Since we’re going to work very closely and very hard, guaranteeing you the best results we can only work with a handful of people that we think have all the criteria for success.

My Team Will Speak To You

One of my team will call you and discuss your current situation, the goals you want to accomplish, what problems might arise and how we can help you solve all of this. Consider this a FREE 30-45 mins consultation session already. No obligations.

I Will Personally Choose Who Gets To Join

After looking at your case and getting a glimpse of who you are, I will decide if you’re a good fit and get to join, or not. No matter what, you’ll receive feedback from us. 


I said it before, but I have to say it again. This is not some kind of “easy way out”, “get rich quick” scheme, or glorified online course that doesn’t really bring you further. 

Our clients only get amazing results because they work closely together with me and my team, making them accountable if they don’t apply what we tell them to do. So you have to invest in yourself in order to make this work. If you feel you’re somebody that all these requirements apply to, hop on a call and let’s make something great together.


If you’re honestly consider joining the program to turn your brand and your business around, you’ve got to act now, and I’m not just saying this.

Because I work closely together with each and every client, I can only accept a handful of people to join. The first run I did was booked within a few days – and naturally we give priority to those people who are already in the application process.

So act now, click the apply button, fill it out as thoroughly as possible and we’ll call you for a free strategy session, no obligations, just 30-45 minutes of pure actionable value.

A Battle Tested Pathway To Success & Freedom



ATTENTION: Available seats for this program are highly limited and chosen carefully.

We only select a handful of people, who we think have the abilities to make it work. You have to apply to see if you qualify.

Click the button below to fill out the application

Only a few spots available

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